Marble Headstone
Marble headstones for grave from Bintang Antik Sejahtera come in many beautiful designs which is very recommended to order. The headstone designs range from very simplistic to elaborate hand carvings of the highest quality craftsmanship. Our Marble headstones come in many different colors. Marble headstones can also be bespoke made to order in virtually any headstone design and if you have a special request design please feel free to contact us upon the matter.

Our memorial gravestones are created to standards export and can be built in a variety of sizes, from small to large with smooth polishing finish. We export our product with safety packing.  The standard and strong export wooden crate packing outside, and use foam and plastic rub into the empty space to make sure the inside without any damage.

Choosing a headstone for a loved it can be difficult because we must choose the special one. Making a choice during this difficult period can be highly stressful. The first solution for this problem you should decide which image you want to apply in memorial headstone. The second, you must take into account the words that will applied into the memorial headstones. After that you must choose which design that you think it is the suit one for your lovely family. 

Don’t worry if you are looking for the unique and the special one, we can supply a custom monument service for your need. We try to provide clients with a memorial stone which suits their budget as well as their tastes.

We have many types design of this product like upright headstone, flat headstones, kerbed headstones, cremation memorials, pillow grave markers, and cremation benches, etc.

Upright headstones (tablet style) here are the most traditional design. They are usually made from granite, marble or limestone. It typically 45 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
Flat headstones usually made from granite. Like traditional headstones they are available in a variety of colors, finishes, sizes and materials.
Pillow grave markers are similar to flat grave markers but with a slightly slanted face, created from having a higher back edge, and often sit on a granite base in the cemetery. Pillowed gravestones may be personalized with custom shapes, sizes, or headstone designs.
Kerbed headstones (ledger markers) are full length headstones that lie flat at ground level. They are a minimum of 4 inches thick and provide more room for personalized expression. Ledger markers can be combined with slant and pillow/bevel markers in addition to traditional upright headstones.
Cremation memorials are similar to upright headstones, but will have containers (usually hollowed granite) for cremated remains on either side. These cremation containers are usually separate to the headstone itself.
Cremation benches can be used in place of a headstone and do not require a concrete base. Some styles will hold the remains of up to six people. Cremation benches are often used to enhance the look of memorial gardens.
We have affordable price and also competitive, so don’t be afraid about the price. The picture above just the example of our product, for another designs, sizes, color, and other kinds of stone you can ask us for more information about our product.
Product Details Information :
Name of Product
White Marble Headstones
Marble, Onyx, river stone, granite, etc.
Standard and customized size:

Perak Surabaya
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Splitted, Carving and Bush hammered, etc.
Lead Time
Shipped in 20 days after payment
Shipping Method
Packaging Details
Standard and strong export wooden crate packing outside, and use foam and plastic rub into the empty space to make sure the inside without any damage.
Packaging Price

Mode of Transport
Payment Terms
Normally using T/T

Competitive price, CAD drawing design, Prompt quoting & delivery

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