River Stone Sofa | Sofa Made from River Stone

River Stone Sofa | Sofa Made from River Stone
 River Stone Sofa | Sofa Made from River Stone - From the abundant of stone materials in our quarry, UD. Bintang Antik Sjahtera made many kinds of product from natural stone. In our workshop we can make many products that our customers have been ordered.

We work with our artisan and the final work of the product of course will be very good. We always give a good and higher raw materials to make our product. It is to make sure that the final result of our product has high value and quality of course.

UD. Bintang Anti Sejahtera is a marble stone manufacture, supplier, and also contractor from Indonesia. We can provide any product of stone that you need, while it is in a big scale. We can supply stone sofa that made from many kinds of stone. For example, like marble stone, onyx, petrified wooden stone and also river stone.

The reason why we should choose sofa from stone it is because stone is not easily to damage and it can also be used for decades. If the stone sofa looks worn, you just need to treat it a little with chemicals and your stone sofa will be look new again. Unlike most of sofa that made from wood, or sponges that are easily to damage by animals such as mice and termites. Because they like to eat those materials.

In this article we will introduce you about our new product. Now we will introduce you with living room sofa made with stone that is river stone. This sofa is unique because it made from natural stone. While it is made from stone you can be relaxing to have a sit there.

Sofa is also one of the important thing to indoor decoration and also it is to take a sit your guess in your house. Without these sofas you cannot have invited your guest to take a sit. So that is why chair or benches is very important for your home decor, because it is not only for your house decoration but it also has a vital function for your house.
River stone in our quarry is the best materials because it's not easy to damage and broke. River stone sofa it is looks so unique and elegant. You can take these river stone sofas everywhere you like because it made from stone so it was directly waterproof and you do not need to be worry about weather. You can place it in your room such as your private room, living room, in the lounge, in the balcony, and also you can place it in your garden. Because these sofas are match in any weather.
We are open to export our product worldwide. Because we are not only produce Stone Sofa products. We have many of products in our gallery such as wall, floor, statue, tomb with any kinds of shape and sizes, washbasin, lampshade, ashtray, and still many others.
We work with our craftsmen to make all products that our customers order. Our craftsmen are really professionals and they have a lot of experience in their field. So the product that they produce are very good and also valuable. So if you want to order goods as you want we are ready to make it for you, because we have many craftsmen in our workshop.
We also have standard packaging export, so your goods will be safe until comes in your area. For the details information about our packaging you can see in the table below. Our staffs always do double check too before the shipping process. For ordering our product you can send me an email or you can contact number that has been listed in our blog, or you can directly come in our office.
Product Details Information :
Name of Product
River Stone Sofa
River Stone
Place of Origin
Standard Size.
Perak Surabaya
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Splitted, Carving and Bush hammered, etc.
Lead Time
Shipped in 20 days after payment
Shipping Method
Packaging Details
Standard and strong export wooden crate packing outside, and use foam and plastic rub into the empty space to make sure the inside without any damage.
Packaging Price
Mode of Transport
Payment Terms
Normally using T/T

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