Onyx Candle Holder | Sell Onyx Candle Holder

Onyx Candle Holder | Sell Onyx Candle Holder

Onyx Candle Holder | Sell Onyx Candle Holder - UD. Bintang AntikSejahtera has a variety of crafts made of pure natural stone. The reason we make various handicrafts from natural stone is nothing but because the material is very abundant in our place. We are located in Tulungagung, East Java directly from the marble city in Indonesia. In our place there are so many natural stone mines that we do not have difficulty getting the materials.

The material we have always has superior quality and has different natural features. Natural stone materials available in our region are like marble with various types and colors. Besides marble there are also onyx stones, river stones, and also granite stones which are also diverse.

This time we will introduce you to our handicraft products made from onyx stone. That is a set of candle holder product. It is suitable to be placed in a place of worship or in the spaces that you want. Even when your electricity is off you can use it to light a candle. With this candle holder it can make your candle stand safely, it will not be prone to fall and cause a fire.

This onyx candle holder also looks very elegant if placed in the dinning room or other room you want. Each set of candle holders consists of three seeds of different height. If you want another model, we can make it for you. If you already have a detailed image for the order you want, you only have to send the picture to our staff. Do not forget the size you want to make.

Apart from onyx you can also order this candle holder from another types of stone. You can order it first with our staff. You can contact our staff via telephone or via WhatsApp. Our staff number is listed on our website if you want to ask questions for other product information. You could also come to our office if you want to know directly the quality of our product.

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