We as a service supplier are ready to supply goods and materials for marble handicrafts such as marble floors, walls, other handicrafts in raw form or already in the form of handicrafts that you need with the main ingredients marble, granite, andesite, onix both locally and imported in small quantities or in very large quantities. So that we will help you with the needs that you need as much as possible and of course properly when you need natural stone crafts.

In general, our customers usually need marble products from us, including:

  1. Granite Marble Floors for mosques, housing, hotels, villas etc
  2. Marble Sink for housing or school or hotel projects
  3. Marble inscription materials for advertising services
  4. Marble vandel material for advertising and printing services
  5. Trophy and Vandel materials for shops and competitions held
  6. Sculptures and reliefs for art shops and art galleries


Maintenance services can be interpreted as maintenance or renovation services in buildings or restoration with a patchwork system so that an ornament made of marble material looks new and looks shiny like the beginning of work when the item was just installed.

Some things related to maintenance services are installing marble polishes that have been around for a long time and need maintenance for example 5 years. This can cause cracks, chipped cement, or opacity of the floor surface, at that time you will need maintenance so that your floor will come back new and shiny.
Some of the Maintenance Services we have received and done include:
  1. Repair of broken and incomplete statues and reliefs
  2. Repair of dull and old marble floors
  3. Repair of graves that are old and need repair
  4. Repair of Basketball and Tennis Courts
  5. Repair of Cartpor made of brushstone and wash fable
  6. Nameboard Maintenance Dull and Mossy government agencies


The Retail Purchase Service here is intended for you as an End User of our crafts or products listed throughout our website Retail buying services will make it easier for you to get the items you want according to your needs with your own design or related to limited edition or limited design matters.
Usually, we provide this retail buying service for customers who have certain needs for schools, government agencies, or the private sector who need certain design products, such as office nameboards, mosques that need nameboards and for example someone who wants a grave with a luxurious model and a custom design.
Some of the things we do for retail purchases for this Special Customer and we print very limited and special items include the following:
  1. The floor of the staircase is translucent
  2. Nameboard services and marble inscriptions for the inauguration of mosques or government projects
  3. Design of statues and reliefs with official nameplates
  4. Marble Headstone Cemetery for Heroes which requires naming the deceased one by one
  5. Traditional Cemeteries in Papua that require uniform designs and one-on-one names
  6. And many more Projects we have done for this kind of thing


Installation services can also be interpreted as matters of installation, installation of goods, arranging and building handicraft items that have specific technical needs and certain expertise to install them so that satisfactory and maximum results are obtained. This installation can also be related to our products that require special expertise and not just any handyman can do it in the work.
For example, how do you move a large marble slab, one example with a size of 2.5m x 1.5m in height, if only lay people or lay technicians will think hard about how to move the item safely and not break it, how to arrange it so that it looks more harmonious with the strokes and patterns of the marble stone or how to install it at a height of about 3 meters from the floor. Now this is what we need to think about and it does require special personnel and experts for services like this.
Customers usually ask for this service for things:
  1. Installation of marble floors and walls
  2. Installation of tombs and graves
  3. Installation of large and tall nameboards and inscriptions
  4. Installation of a sink and pedestal that requires installation of a water hole
  5. Installation of Bathup in homes and hotels
  6. Installation of Crafts - Crafts that have a large size
  7. Installation of housing and hotel lights and lighting


Party Buying Service means a service that we provide for the purchase of marble goods in large quantities for friends or relatives who want to cooperate with us by marketing our products. It is possible that you have a shop that opens like us and requires materials or other marble crafts such as Vandel marble , trophies, or if you have an art gallery or you have construction services and housing developers and many others, of course buying in bulk will provide more profit because we provide more margins for purchases and our business partners.
You can get this business opportunity with the terms and conditions that apply, for example with some of the business activities below:
  1. Sport Shop requires Trophy or Sperepart Trophy
  2. Art Gallery Shops need sculptures and reliefs
  3. The building shop needs floor and wall supplies
  4. Grave Equipment Shop needs Marble Tomb and Tombstone Supplies
  5. Construction Services Require supply of marble and walls as well as bathroom sets
  6. Advertising Printing requires inscription materials and Vandel marble materials
  7. Schools or Campuses that require Graduation Vandel or Marble Plaques


This Marble Education Service is needed by everyone and our customers who want to need and knowledge about marble processing to be made into finished handicrafts and products that are ready to be sold. Why are we doing this?? Will this not damage our business services in the long term?? Of course all have the potential, but our commitment is to spread the benefits in society.
We have provided a lot of knowledge and guidance to people who have the potential to develop marble stones to be used as handicrafts and product forms that are worth selling as potential superior products in the area.
For example, we provide the Marble Education service for UMKM Advertising friends who want to learn, including:
  1. Manufacture of manual marble inscriptions or with the HCL technique
  2. Making Marble Vandel and Marble Plaque
  3. Making marble crafts with lathes and splitting
  4. Learning how to assemble trophies and trophies
  5. Techniques for Installing Cemeteries or Grave Products
  6. Installation and installation techniques for sink and bath up items
  7. And there are still many things that we can communicate for development in your area if you deem it necessary to create a Crafts and Community of Marble Craftsmen there